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homebrew2Anyone can make their own beer. And home-brewed beer is not only fresher, better-tasting and more customized, but can also be less expensive than buying commercial brews. In the Home Brewing Department at the South Royalton Market, we stock all the ingredients you need, no matter what your level of expertise, no matter what your style preference, to make your beer your way. We carry whole malted grains, dry and liquid malt extracts, True-Brew beer kits, a wide variety of dry and liquid yeasts, a huge selection of hop pellets, plus spices, brewing chemicals, corks and caps. We also stock most of the basic fermenting, racking and bottling equipment you might need. Anything we don’t stock, we will be more than happy to special order it for you. Most of the Market staff are homebrewers themselves, so there is usually someone around who can answer your basic brewing questions.

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