On Sale in March

Here are some of the products that are new or on special right now:

Bulk Bins:

  • Organic cashews, $5.79/lb.
  • Organic sunflower seeds, $5.79
  • Organic black turtle dried beans, $1.19
  • Organic brown basmati rice: $1.49
  • Organic long grain brown rice (rarely goes on sale) $1.19
  • New! Smooth and Melty Mints in bright colors (think Spring!) in the snack bins: $4.49
  • New! Savory Snack Mix (got good review on Member Appreciation Day): $4.39

Health and Beauty:

  • All Nature’s Gate organic shampoos and conditioners: $5.99


  • Hempmilk: $3.89
  • Knudsen organic pear juice, 32 oz.: $3.89
  • Chipins’ flavord popcorn chips: $2.99

Member Special Sale:

  • Back to Nature crackers, selected varieties, $3.39

From the Kitchen

  • New! Energy Bars (peanut butter, honey, cocoa powder, dried cherries, granola): $1.00/bag of 2-3 pieces